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    Promo-Bots by Advanced Robotics
    Smart marketer secret weapon!

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When you’re competing with others to get visitors to your event,
you want to find ways to help your business stand out from the crowd.

With the evolution of social robots, there are more opportunities
than ever to attract audience.
Our robotized promotion model will help you get the edge on
your competition!

Our spectacular robots are designed to become
your best marketing tool:

  • Promoter
  • Lead Generator
  • Crowd Gatherer
  • Sales Representative
  • Product Demonstrator
  • Robo-Hostess

Type of Events

Exhibition Tele-presence through Robotic Avatars -
Be present without being present

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Our Tele-OP system allows you to interact with visitors & potential clients system over the web using the robot as your avatar. Staff from all over the world will be able to tele-control the robot and to specify target positions for the bot. Before using tele-presence, our robot will autonomously interact with your clients and give them the necessary introduction.

  • Less travel costs
  • Less flight emissions
  • Less health risks for your employees

An interactive & mobile booth -
Cut costs at trade shows!

Our robot allows you to join trade shows without spending huge amounts for booth rental & design. It serves as a standalone solution, which:

  • Attracts audience with charm & personality
  • Autonomously informs visitors about product & company
  • Works as your digital representation controlled over the web
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Our Robo-Promoter attracts your customer’s attention and generates valuable leads!

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Our robots have what it takes!

It takes hard work and dedication to become a successful promoter in the trade show industry. We measure all our robots against human presenter and the same high standards, to guarantee your success and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our robots have excellent AI-communication skills

A very attractive & charismatic personality

Perfect for live marketing events and exhibitions

Well Presented and Professional

Dedicated and committed to achieving objectives

Customer focused

...and no coffee-break, no social media check, no yawns

Who we work with




Robot for events features

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Show promo materials

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Print photos, receipts and coupons

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Collect data and complete customer surveys

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Attract attention and entertain visitors

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Communicate with visitors and answer their questions or connect them with call center via telepresence service

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Q&A Algorithm, product presetation dialogues & voice interaction with clients

Exhibition services

Help your clients achieve exhibiting success whilst adding more value to their services. Find out how you can differentiate your business and increase your average exhibition client order value.

Transform your Exhibition return on investment

Learn how our Robots will work with you to maximise your return on investment when exhibiting at trade-shows, conferences and congresses. Learn about our V4-robots, Robo-Twins and other devices and performance tools.

Our Partners

We are looking to collaborate with:

  • Exhibition Contractors, Suppliers, Stand Designers
  • Exhibitions / Conferences / Event Organisers
  • Event Management Agencies
  • Advertising Agencies / Live Marketing Agencies
  • Entrepreneurs / Companies
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What are the key ingredients for your successuful event?

How are you going to attract attendees to your stand and qualify them into valuable sales prospects at your next event?

How will you differentiate your exhibit booth from your competitors?

How will you measure your exhibiting results and know if you have achieved your ROI?

Let’s talk! We give you the answers!

Robot rental from 1-7 days

Script & content training for obtaining best results

Easy-to-handle content management system

Telepresence Interface for connecting your back-office with the event

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We advise you in creating the script & content

Calculate how many robots you need to engage with to deliver your objectives

Upskill & inspire your team to understand & deliver high performance exhibiting

Create a compelling reason for qualified prospects to want to see you again

Estimate and measure your return on investment



Script training

Up to 90% of Companies do not know - or did not measure - what results they got from their last event.
Most of exhibiting success is down to how your company performs on the show floor.
Our personalised, conversational script training is designed to enhance the robot’s ability to interact with your customers and generate leads. Delivered through bespoke script support, we help you or your exhibitors ensure develop results focussed exhibition strategies.

Successful exhibiting is rooted in face to face communication - in our case an exciting human-robot interaction. Learn how to upskill our robots to be able to engage visitors, generate qualified sales leads effectively and enjoy the whole exhibiting experience.

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