About us

Advanced Robotics, based in Uzwil, Switzerland, is focusing on the development of AI-based service robots and connected tele-services for various applications in offices, retail, hospitality, infotainment and other service-dominated businesses.

Advanced Robotics endeavors to stay ahead of market trends and is in constant pursuit of innovation. Our experience and reputation help us forge new connections that can become lasting client and partner relationships critical to long-term success.

Our philosophy

In an age of unprecedented abundance of choice and speed of innovation, customers’ expectations are moving faster than businesses.

While incremental change is still essential, it’s no longer sufficient. It takes bold moves to leap ahead of customers and competitors. Advanced Robotics is turning robots into an added value tool, that transform perceptions and drive business growth. In the age of algorithms and aggregators, experience is the differentiator.


By deeply understanding customers, we design interactions that matter – a human-robot collaboration that goes literary hand-in-hand.

We reframe businesses challenges from the customers’ perspective, identifying a deep, compelling customer promise which we grow it into a living ecosystem of products, services and experiences.By connecting smart AI-based robots with human teleworker, we increase margins by designing more emotive, differentiated interactions that spark desire, sustaining price and demand.


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